Pre-insulated steel Duo

Zero Carbon Solutions Ltd offer pre-insulated steel duo pipework in accordance with EN 253. With sizes ranging from 20mm N.B up to 250mm N.B pre-insulated steel duo pipework can cater for all needs. Its carbon steel carrier pipe allows for hot water applications up to 130deg C, as well as chilled water and refrigeration too.

Generally being used for district heating and district cooling projects pre-insulated steel duo pipework is becoming increasingly popular on both new and existing sites.

Leak detection alarm wires are offered within all of Zero Carbon Solutions Ltd pre-insulated steel duo pipe systems. This can be paired up with a leak detection alarm panel which can be connected to a BMS, to give our clients live updates on the status of their pre-insulated pipe system.

Site joints can be installed using the shrink jointing method, or increasingly popular fusion jointing method, both of which are fully in line with EN489.

  • Suitable for Temperatures up to 130dec C
  • 25 bar maximum pressure
  • Optional Leak Detection System
  • 30 year life span @ 130deg C
  • Steel Carrier Pipe
  • Rigid PUR Insulation
  • PE-HD Casing
  • 6m, 12m and 16m lengths
  • Shrink or Fusion jointing systems
  • Low Temperature Hot Water
  • Medium Temperature Hot Water
  • Chilled Water
  • Refrigeration
  • Primary Hot Water Service
  • Condensate

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Technical Specification

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